Online Games With Voice Chat

You can use voice chat to have fun while playing online games like PUBG Mobile or Counter-Strike. The voice chat feature lets you speak with other players in real-time, trade strategies, and communicate with characters in-game. These features make online games even more exciting. But how do you use voice chat to have fun with these games? Keep reading to learn more! Listed below are some of the best games that use voice chat.


A voice chat feature in an online game allows users to communicate with another player on the same computer using a microphone. This feature is useful when you’re gaming with friends or making new online friends. It makes the gaming experience easier and is more fun, too. The games usually require a microphone, so make sure you have one at hand. Online games with voice chat can be very enjoyable, and you can even make friends with other people!

Google Hangouts

You can use Google Hangouts to connect with other people in online games. All you need is a Google account. You can then create and join a video call with up to 10 people. The video call automatically recognizes the main speaker and maintains audio chat without any interruptions. Streaming your gameplay is also possible with Google Hangouts. You can share the videos with friends and keep them for personal use as well.


Mumble is a software that allows players to communicate via voice. It supports positional audio and encryption. All communications between a user and a server are encrypted with Mumble. Mumble uses certificate-based authentication. To ensure privacy and security, you should install a trusted certificate for your server. Then, you can enable the Mumble plugin and configure its settings. You can even choose to use a self-signed certificate.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games on the market. The game is packed with several cool features, one of which is voice chat. This allows players to communicate with other players during the game without a lot of hassle. In order to get the most out of voice chat, you must have good communication skills. Voice chat is the most convenient way to do this. It allows you to communicate with teammates and other players in the game, melbet and it can be turned on and off by pressing the speaker button on your device.


If you’re a Fortnite online gamer, you might want to try out voice chat in the game.

This feature is not yet available on the Switch, but it is available for other platforms.

It can help you improve your game and connect with other players. However, it’s important to know that using voice chat in this game requires certain permissions from your console. Before you get started, you should check the following things to make sure your gamer friend has voice chat on their console.


Increasingly popular MMOGs now feature AOI online games with voice chat. While the communication between players in MMOGs is still based on text, the addition of voice chat allows players to talk more effectively with each other and creates a more realistic virtual environment. This article explains the benefits of AOI voice chat for multiplayer online games. Read on to learn more about it! This article was written by Jehn-Ruey Jiang and Hung-Shiang Chen, professors at National Central University.


The newest feature in VALORANT is voice chat. Players will have the option to record all of their voice communications while playing. The voice chat option is designed to allow players to communicate with friends and teammates. While it may not be as convenient as texting, it is still an effective way to communicate in a group. You can also record your voice communications in the VALORANT online games. If you’re concerned about privacy, you may want to consider a different game, such as World of Warcraft.